Laufamholzstrasse 114

90482 Nürnberg


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Orginal: Campusboard 2010
Campusboard 1990 mit Wolfgang Güllich




Campus Health

The health center campus in Nuremberg successfully promotes your health with fitness, physical therapy, proper nutrition, relaxation and the methods of the "new thinking".


Campus Fitness

Campus Fitness Nuremberg offers strength training and aerobics classes also an effective circuit training for a better figure and prevention courses for back pain.

 Campus Physio

Campus Physical Therapy Nuremberg support your healing with an offer from sick-gymnastics, massage, lymphatic drainage, manual therapy, heat, ultrasound, etc.


Campus nutrition

Campus Nuremberg diet optimizes your metabolic-system with "metabolic-typing", so that you lose weight without effort and many of your health problems disappear.

Campus New Thinking

Campus Nuremberg promotes your health with techniques from the Information and Energy Medicine and brings you health, vitality, joy and inner balance.


Campus Board

In Campus in Nuremberg the original of the now world-famous campus boards depends. It was built by Wolfgang Güllich, Kurt Albrecht, inter alia, in preparation for the Action Directe