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The emergence of the board

Wolfgang Güllich: erste freesolo-Begehung der "separate reality"

After Wolfgang Güllich in the early 80s, especially in the Franconian Switzerland but also in USA (free solo ascent of the "separate reality") a first ascent after another made and the difficulty more and more pushed up to the former maximum difficulty of "Wall Street" took the undisputed best climbing in the world new challenges: he transferred the free climbing thoughts combined with extreme tours to the Himalayas.
When he returned late 80s in his home, other climbers had tremendous caught up and were able to climb the difficulties W.Güllichs. His reputation as the "over-climbers" had suffered somewhat. Now this was motivation enough and Wolfgang was looking for a new absolute challenge. Then he heard from Milan Sykora of an impossible to rock climbing, the Waldkopf in the Franconian Switzerland. The project "Action Directe" began. Wolfgang, it was immediately clear that this rock much harder demands on the body, especially the finger introduced, as was previously thought possible. These conditions could be acquired only by a special finger-training at a special training device that would be as natural as possible. The friends Wolfgang Güllich, Kurt Albrecht, Norbert Sandner and Jerry Moffat deliberated, discussing very, tried, designed and created the Campus Board. So they had the ideal training tool to prepare for the Action Directe