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Wolfgang Güllich – Simply the best

Wolfgang Güllich

Wolfgang Güllich began at the age of 13 years with the sport climbing in the Palatinate.
By the time he had his climbing skills developed thanks to its special training methods and talent to world leaders. Then he has for years set new standards in the sport climbing and long reach him first ascents of the respective time most difficult route in the world. He traveled the world and repeated on every continent the most difficult routes.
Also the rope free (free solo) climbing it has done to him. He was the first climber 'Sautanz' (9) and 'Seperate Reality 8+ (250m above ground), without security.

Also, he moved together with K. Albert, M. Sykora and S.Stiegler the Nameless Tower, where his 1989 Route 'Eternal Flame' (VII 5.12c A2) succeeded.

Selection from his first ascents in Frankenjura:
"Centre Court" (10), "Killer" (10), "Ghetto Blaster" (10/10 +), and "Wall Street" (11-). With his first ascent 'Action Directe' in Frankenjura he broke through 1,991 for the first time the 11 degree (UIAA).

In 1988, he appeared at "Wetten dass", 1990, he met his future wife, Anette, whom he married in 1991. One can admire him as a stunt double for Sylvester Stallone in the movie 'Cliffhanger'. He was one of those who made sport climbing popular in Germany. Wolfgang Güllich has developed, among other things with his friends Kurt Albert and Jerry Moffat numerous climbing tours in Frankenjura and other German low mountain ranges.

Wolfgang Güllich died on August 29, 1993 in a car accident on the A ninth