Laufamholzstrasse 114

90482 Nürnberg


FAX:  542037



Norbert Sandner

At a very young age by his father Norbert came for climbing. Even as a ten-year-old he succeeded exceeding the Sella towers, two years later the veil edge and Via Italia. At age 20 he survived a 600m fall on the Marmolada in the rope free descent. A year later he was again active on the rock and is still an avid sports climber.
In 1980, Norbert founded the first German sports climbing school with climbing trips in Europe and the USA. Mid-80s, he led together with Wolfgang Güllich the Boreal climbing shoe sales, and in the following years, he took over the sports shop "SportErdenkäufer  and Falk". Later he opened in Nuremberg the indoor climbing gyms "Sports Center" and "Climbing Factory".
Today Norbert is responsible for the launched of him Patagonia-Germany sales.