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Kurt Albert - The inventor of the Red dot climbing (01.28.1954 - 28.09.2010)

Kurt Albert was born on January 18, 1954. At 14, Kurt Albert came over a Catholic youth group and a section of the Alpine Club in the 1960s for climbing. This period was the heyday of the "technical climbing", ie it was used hooks and ladders for locomotion in the wall. His first major objectives were the classic faces of the Alps. So he already succeeded later at the age of 17 years, the Walker pillar on the "Grandes Jorasses" and a year the Eiger-Nordwand.

After a visit in 1973 in the "Elbe Sandstone Mountains", where since the beginning of the 20th century "free climbing" was in, recognized Kurt Albert, that the technical climbing leads to a dead end. Then he tried to climb up to that technically climbed routes without hooks help. From 1975 he marked the tours, that he had made free, with a red dot. He is considered the founder of the commission of style red dot and redcircle climbing. His definition of red dot climbing - the camber and calm free lead climbing a route only on natural handles - revolutionized climbing and is until today the worldwide recognized style of outdoor climbing.

With his climbing partners (including Wolfgang Güllich, Stefan Glowacz, Bernd Arnold, Holger Heuber he was in the Alps, Madagascar, Patagonia, Karakoram -mountain (Trango Towers) and mountaineering working on Baffin Iceland.

(Source: Franken-wiki)