Laufamholzstrasse 114

90482 Nürnberg


FAX:  542037



Jerry Moffat

Jerry Moffatt is one of the greatest climbers of all time. During his long and illustrious career he has:

· 10 international competitions won (in just two and a half years) and came back in 1990 on the World Ranking No. 1 lying.

· He was responsible for numerous first ascents all over the world including:
o Liquid Amber - Britain's first F8C - now F8C +
o Dominator - one of the world's first Font 8B boulder problems - in Yosemite
o Superman and The Ace - the two most difficult boulder problems of their time - 8A and 8B +

· Played a key role in the development of today's performance climbing shoes.

- Baute one of the first training cellar and was involved in large part to the emergence of the Foundry climbing wall in Sheffield, the first wall of its kind anywhere in the world.