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The importance of the CAMPUSBOARD

Without Campus Board no" Action Directe "

And according to a survey (source:, 13.05.2009) is Wolfgang Güllichs first ascent of "Action Directe" the milestone of mountain sports history, just ahead of Reinhold Messner's first ascent of the 14 eight-thousanders. The first ascent of Mount Everest and the Eiger - Nordwand follow a bit cut off at the nearest course. So we can say, without the campus board were it not the greatest success in the history of mountaineering


THE milestone of mountaineering, 13.05.2009

Wolfgang Güllichs first ascent of "Action Directe" in Frankenjura is THE milestone of mountain sports history. With a narrow margin Wolfgang, who in a car accident died in 1992, was voted into first place. He was extremely thin before Reinhold Messner, which was made with the first ascent of the 14 eight-thousanders for election. The end result (expressed as a percentage of votes cast):

1 Wolfgang Güllich "Action Directe" 26.66%
2 Reinhold Messner and the 14 eight-thousanders 23.92%
3 Everest ascent 15.69%
4 Eiger North Face first ascent of 13.33%
5 Chris Sharma commits "Jumbo Love" 7.45%
6 Francois Legrand: first world champion in sport climbing 4.71%
7 Matterhorn North Face First Ascent 3.53 &
8 First winter ascent of Everest 1.96%
9 Walter Bonatti at the Petit Dru 1.96%
10 Emilio Comici and the "Great battlement" 0.78%