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Action directe - terrorist attack on the finger joints

Wolfgangs 1-Finger-Training onCampusboard,
Kilian Fischhubers getting started (note the left middle finger)


The "Action Directe", despite being about 15 meters climbing almost laughably short, but it is still true today with its smooth and 45 ° overhanging wall world as one of the most difficult routes at all. As Wolfgang Gülich the route to the forest head in the Franconian Switzerland with their one and two finger holes like a terrorist attack on the finger joints - specifically ligaments and tendons - saw, he named this route after the French underground organization "Action directe". It took almost five years to the tour, which was tried by all major climbing, could be repeated. To date - despite video preparation - only 13 athletes this route defeated.

Extremely difficult: Getting Started jumping from a one-finger hole in a two-finger hole (image)

Report of Fischhuber ( Fischhuber_Action_Directe.pdf )